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About Repgubbar

Who are Repgubbar?
We are a Swedish Battlefield clan, who currently plays Battlefield 2. If there still is interes among clan members we will continue also with BF1942 in the fall. We have been around since September/October 2002 but was formally founded the 15th of October 2002. My self and a couple of friends (nzo, Cliff and SuperAnton) had read all there was to read about the upcoming game from Digital Illusions (DICE) and when the demo came out we, as many else, where astounded by the possibilities Battlefield 1942 offered. We decided that forming a clan was the way to go, and the rest is history. If you would like to read some more about our history, please visist our clan presentation (in swedish)on BF Central, which where published on our 2nd anniversary.

We are proud of beeing among those few clans that has survived dropouts, managed to avoid namechanges, mergers or split ups since the early days of Battlefield. Today we have 13 active BF2 members and have had a total turnover of over 50 members. Now we take one step further with Battlefield 2. We will, for now anyway, continue to struggle in the Up North BF2 Leauge.

Can I become a Repgubbe?
Of course you can! :) If you are 20 years or older, love playing Battlefield 2, have access to the stuff needed for playing with a clan, an original copy of the game, headset for voice communication etc. Fill out our application form and we'll get back to you with reqruit instructions. As for now we have many recruits standing in line and therefore we have closed the application form. Please visit again in the near future for a member update.

So why the name Repgubbar?
A "Repgubbe" is the swedish term of a man who is going back to a military refresher course for a short period of time. In Sweden we have cumpulsory military training, and sometimes you must go back after a couple of years to a refresher course, called "Repövning" in swedish. The men taking this courses are called "Repgubbar" and that is what we are, a couple of guys taking a military refreshen course on a digital battlefield, represented by Battlefield 1942 and 2.

Where do Repgubbar fight their battles?
We've been fighting in the Swedish Championships (all three of them), in Clanbase and in Up North. Last season (the ninth) we finished third in division 3 and in the upcoming test season we will play in group C in the Battlefield 2 leauge. Our greatest achivemet so far is finishing fourth in the Up North December Cup 2003.

On the 6th of June 2004 Repgubbar arranged the D-Day tournament as a celebration and reminder of the 60th anniversary of D-Day. 16 clans and over 160 players participated in the tournament who was the first (and still the only) Big War tournament held. ASHOLe9/Warriors By Accident won.

It's all about having fun
What the future holds for us oldies is written in the stars but we hope we'll do well in upcomming battles, leagues and tournaments while having a blast at the same time because that is what it's all about being a member of Repgubbar. Having a laugh, shooting a couple of friends. What we will do with BF1942 depends, the future will decide.

Clanleader of Repgubbar

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