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Battlefield 1942 links:  
Battlefield 1942 homepage Official homepage
DICE The Makers - no further comments needed
BF Central News, forums etc.
PlanetBattlefield GameSpy hosted site
Up North Battlefield League The League with captial L.
Dad's Army

Friends of ours and our sparring partner. Gay on!

Semper Fi Friends of ours and sparring partner from time to time. Great servers!
Tools & utilities  
All Seeing Eye A server browser tool no serious online player can be without
BF 1942 Server Managment Utilities Utilities that replaces the default server tool and remote manager with easier user interface and useful settings which simplifies BF 1942 server administration.
BF Tracks Collects stats from numerous BF servers. If you played online, the chance of you finding your stats here are big.

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